Our Team

Our Team

“Through others we become ourselves”

~ Lev S. Vygotsky ~

EDGE Worldwide is fortunate enough to have high quality and dedicated members both on the ground working with students and assessing the needs of communities along with board members that oversee the projects and advisory members to ensure that the most significant impact possible is achieved. The board is comprised of experts in the fields of social development, education, legal and accounting. Our members of the board have worked as lawyers, accounting managers in the corporate arena, and as regional development leaders for educational/social development projects. Collaboratively they ensure the most positive impact is made from the passionate work undertaken.

EDGE Board Members

Jamie Christopherson – Founder and Chairman
Tim Kelly – Legal and Educational Advisor
Steve Kent – Financial Advisor
Tanner Heath – South East Asian Education Advisor
Stefan Jamusz – Cambodian Project Manager
Robert Christopherson – General Advisor and oversight

Major Project Team

Phum Ou School and Vocational Training Centre

Mr Sarath Proeun

Mr. Proeun is the Director of Phum Ou School and Vocational Training Centre. He feels passionately about breaking the vicious cyclic nature of poverty and giving the children of his community the opportunity to empower themselves and their families. Mr Proeun is a true leader in his community and is absolutely integral to the development of community involvement for the Phum Ou School and Vocational Centre. He has taught English as a Second Language (ESL) for five years, and is currently studying Educational Development and English Literature.

Mr Proeun started teaching young members of the community of an evening under his parents’ house to share the value of education of which they had very little opportunity to embrace otherwise. This was highly valued by many young students and helped encourage him to create a broader vision for the positive impact that education could have within in the community. He developed a strong relationship with Jamie Christopherson and together they developed a fully functioning school that has since grown significantly. Initially benefiting approximately 20 students to now over 250 students.

Sea Sophana

At 25, our youngest teacher, Miss Sophana, lives in Phum Ou Village, and is growing fast as a quality educator. She has been under direct mentorship from our senior teaching staff during her first year and now is developing her own style and strong personal connection with students.

When asked why she teaches at the Phum Ou School and Vocational Centre she states: “It is important to educate the children of our community so students can learn how to speak, read, write, and teach others about their culture and lives”

Mr Saang Tip

Mr. Tip is our most senior educator. He has graduated with his Bachelor’s Degree in Primary and Secondary Education and is not just a great educator, but also a true cultural innovator. His future goal is to continue teaching English, along with utilizing art as a medium through which to teach. “I am so proud to be a teacher, it is the only job where I can learn all day and help build a better country for my children

Mr Chhon Tola

Mr. Tola has been teaching English for four years, and is currently completing his Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature. When asked why he works at Phum Ou School and Vocational Centre he shared: “I feel passionate about teaching and empowering the children in my community through English language. If no one teaches our children, they will have very little opportunity in the future. Education is power.

Mr Kong Chheng Lee

Mr Kong Chheng Lee provides oversight and general advice relating to our project in Phum Ou. He resides within the Phum Ou community and works internationally with organisations such as US AID, that have provided him with a wealth of knowledge around social and health development within developing nations. This knowledge, coupled with his strong connection to the community, make him a highly valuable asset to our team.

Jamie Christopherson

Jamie is the Founder and Chairman of EDGE Worldwide and is the Founder and CEO of EDventure International. Jamie is a highly accomplished educator with more than 15 years experience in developing and executing educational and social development projects across 6 continents.

With degrees in both Education and Psychology, Jamie has applied his skill set to developing corporate training sessions, orchestrating international development initiatives and enhancing the impact of education itself. His passion for empowering communities in need through the power of education has enabled communities such as Phum Ou to create scope for social change.

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