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Current Projects

The Phum Ou School and Vocational Centre

We have created The Phum Ou School and Vocational Centre to provide a free dynamic education to this community, along with job skill development.

With rapid growth over the last three years, we have grown from around 25 to 250 students adding additional classes, creating a new vocational training space and starting classes for a kindergarten. Now, we require your assistance to support the teachers in delivering this valuable and empowering curriculum. It will allow us to continue to support this community and provide a sustainable structure for quality education.

Our Goal:

We are aiming to raise enough funds to support the School for the upcoming two years. You have the opportunity to help us reach our goal by providing funds to support:

  • a teacher’s wage
  • the professional development of a teacher for a certain length of time.
  • the supply of electricity for the school so that students can study once the sun goes down (after returning from work)
  • standard school supplies such as, notebooks, pencils, text books, markers
  • the teachers’ health fund will support our teachers and their families to ensure that they can focus on the delivery of quality education

Past Projects

Sustainable Lunch for Wat U – Meng School

Wat U –Meng, a small, rural primary school in Northern Thailand was faced with continued economic uncertainly due to its small size and inability to receive government financial aid. Without help, the school wouldn’t be able to secure a strong financial future and would be forced to close its doors.

To help remedy this uncertain future, we created a three-pronged program stemming from the idea that the School needs to create a self-sustainable form of income, not relying on outside funds to stay open.

Our Goal:

The aim of the project was to enable the School to grow mushrooms, which are part of a healthy daily diet in the area. The crop enables the School to provide a nutritious lunch for the students and sell the additional yield at the local market to provide an additional source of income to support the Schools’ needs.

We have now extended this project further in Wat U –Meng, to incorporate a greenhouse and hydroponic system as part of a larger agricultural project to benefit the School. This allows the students to be educated on new and progressive agricultural procedures along with supporting both nutritious lunches and opportunities for additional income to further support the Schools’ operational needs.

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