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Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.

~ Kofi Annan ~

The gift of education is a powerful one that we dedicate our time to ensure is as impactful as possible. Your hard earned money will go directly to where it is needed most, as we continue to work tirelessly to uphold our responsibilities. We will ensure that the Phum Ou School and Vocational Training Centre continues to achieve its desired outcomes, making a positive difference in the life of those in need within the community.

We will also work hard to connect you as much as possible with the project so that you can see its ongoing development and the impact your funds are having in this community. You can view updates on what is happening in Phum Ou from our Updates page (link). There are a few options that you can select to help show your support Phum Ou School and Vocational Training Centre.

If you are interested in supporting a major initiative for the community please contact us for further information at

*Note: Figures are in USD as this is the operating currency of Cambodia.

Every dollar received helps to educate and empower the Phum Ou Community for a brighter future

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