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Donate to help us empower the people of Phum Ou, Cambodia

Our vision is to provide quality educational opportunities to less fortunate communities with the strict intent to empower each individual, their family and community to alleviate poverty through a dynamic education and job skill development.

Providing the gift of education is the most efficient way to enable someone afflicted by poverty to rise above it and create a long-term positive impact to them, their families and future generations. Your generous support will significantly assist our projects to continue to provide a quality education to those less fortunate than ourselves. Your support will provide a free dynamic education and vocational training to a significantly underprivileged community with little access to a quality education. Your assistance will support our school operations and its teachers to be able to professionally deliver this valuable and empowering curriculum and allow us to provide sustainable structures for future growth. Please see our ‘Projects’ page for information on our current major project: The Phum Ou School and Vocational Training Centre. We are currently seeking support for this project for costs associated with current operations of the school, we will send you updates on the progress and development of the school and the impact of your donation:

Imagine growing up in Cambodia with very little opportunity for a quality education. You are a child of a poor family, reliant on sustenance farming in an increasingly erratic climate. Similar to others around you, you have a burning desire to improve yourself and your family.

Please remember that every donation goes directly to our project and no matter how small, your support will make a difference.

School Supplies – $25 per month

We require ongoing general school supplies for students to get the most out of their education. These funds go directly to purchase pencils, notebooks, colour pencils, rulers, storybooks, textbooks and teachers markers.

Teacher Professional Development – $30 per month

A part of EDGE’s responsibility is to support our teachers with professional development. We pay for additional education for them to attend outside working hours, arrange professional development collaboration across multiple schools in the region to enable teachers to discuss pedagogy and best practice. This is a key part of the ongoing growth of the school and the true level of empowerment that our teachers can provide. If you are willing to support the professional development of our teachers we will inform you further of our upcoming events and share with you the teacher development happening on the ground.

If you happen to be interested in assisting EDGE to create professional development sessions please don’t hesitate to contact us at –

Electricity for night classes – $40 per month

These funds will be used to pay the monthly cost of electricity required to run the school. Most students study in the evenings, due to the fact that they work during the daytime and are unable to attend school. We therefore operate school in the evenings to compensate for this. It is also an extremely hot and humid environment in the Phum Ou Provence so having the ability to have fans is crucial to students learning. Electricity is a key factor to enabling students to study and still maintain an income to sustain themselves.

Teachers salary – $130 per month

This salary will provide remuneration for teaching efforts. This is an above the average Cambodia wage. We will pay a quality teacher a reasonable wage to ensure the high quality education and dedication to developing the school on a long-term basis. Clearly our teachers are the cornerstones of the school and impact 100’s of students daily, supporting them to deliver a quality education is of upmost importance.

Just remember that for the price of a cup of coffee a week you would be paying for 10 students school supplies. Did you know with just a contribution $35 this pays more than a weeks teacher salary. It is not much and we want to support our teachers to continue to make an everlasting impact on this community.

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